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Akwaaba (welcome). I will be sharing with you valuable insights from some Adikanfo; interviews of some seminal figures of African descent in the creative world.

The Adikanfo interview was initiated when I first interviewed Agya Koo Nimo, the legendary Ghanaian guitarist. A humble man I have come to know has an intense love for the Akan (or Ghanaian) culture and Manhyia, because that is where he grew up and was nurtured. Then, I realised there is a lot of valuable insights to learn from the elderly, if we but sought for them.

The Adikanfo interview was also inspired by these two Akan proverbs: “Nea onnim no sua a ohu” (Adinkra symbol, which literally means, “He that does not know can know by learning.” AND “Tete Wo Be Ka, Tete Wo Bi Kyere” (New Adinkra symbol, which literally means, “If the past has something to say, then it certainly has something to teach”).