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African Logo Design

Symbols, systems, and meanings

The African Logo Design book is the ONE visual identity compendium on 1000 unique symbols inspired by indigenous Afrikan design systems, symbols, and culture. As Prof. Saki Mafundikwa responded in an email, “It's a book that will resonate with creatives at home and abroad.” + Read more... »An unprecedented African visual encyclopaedia that explores African symbols, systems, and meaning, in a context that underpins a rich study into the heterogenous visual history, shared cultural expressions, identity and values in African context. From memorabilia, artefacts, totems, regalia, through to an in-depth study of the over 400 years old Adinkra symbols. Primarily, it is a unique reference book for logo designers, symbols lovers, African cultural enthusiast, system designers, architects, and anyone who seeks meaning and inspiration elsewhere.

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