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How to Play a Role in Readjusting Design Education in Ghana

I had the privilege of working on brand identity design for DesignGhana. “DesignGhana is a non-profit inter-university initiative comprising design educators, researchers, and design advocates. Established in 2017, its prime goal is to be the thought leader and advocate for Design and Systems Thinking in Ghana. It has a Steering Committee (Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary/Recorder and Finance Chair) and convenes its meetings, for two days, twice a year.

It uses digital and social media for much of its interaction currently and hopes to have more direct face to face contact in the near future. Currently, DesignGhana is collaborating with lecturers and professional designers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, UK and New Zealand on a WhatsApp and slack platform. Internationally, DesignGhana is also serving as the Ghana chapter to Pan Afrikan Design Institute.” (Source: ico-D)
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