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Ghana Golden Golfers Logo Redesign Concept (Proposal)

How to Play Golf Bravely Like a Warrior

Proposed logo for the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Ghana (renamed as “Ghana Golden Golfers”) in honour of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II; inspired by the Asantehene’s bravely at the Royal Golf Course, Kumasi on October 14, 2019, as he officially opens the 30th edition of the Asantehene Open Golf tourney. The word “Golden” was used to evoke a more traditional and royal meaning of courage and passion. Other meaning of “gold/golden” include value/wealth, richness, precious, illumination, love, compassion, magic, grandeur, prosperity, sparkle, glamour, and wisdom.

Also derived from the expressions “golden child” and “gold standard,” which refer to “a favoured person” and “a measure of the best, quality, and excellence” respectively. The proposed logo was also inspired by one of the new Adinkra symbols (“Bɛrima Katakyie”/ Brave man) I am creating for the Asantehene in consultation with some custodians. Dr. Michael Agyakum Addo also proposed I shorten the name to “Golden Golfers” for an easy pronunciation and weight. He added that, the idea of the keyword “Gold/Golden” perfectly befits Ghana; thus, just “Golden Golfers” brings out that pride, grandeur and strength of Ghanaian Golfers.

The Problem

  • First, the brand name, “Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Ghana,” is too long and lacks a homogenous feel. In other words, the keywords “Professional” and “Association” are too generic; lacking imagination or individuality when compared to other professional associations of Golfers in Africa or in western countries.
  • Second, the logo is uninteresting and lacks true Ghanaian indigenous identity; in other words, it feels too foreign/western.
  • Third, the logo will struggle in its application; it is not iconic in a sense that it can also scale poorly. Imagine using it as a lapel pin or as a website favicon or any related size (16px by 16px).
  • And a logo does not necessarily have to spell out, symbolically, what the brand or company does or manufactures.
  • Think of the most iconic and famous brands’ logos; Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lacoste, Steelers, Livi‘s,WWF, etc. And interestingly, All these aforementioned logos are athletic in nature or related to sports just like PGA of Ghana. These logos withstand the test of time because they are uniquely iconic and scalable in application; they were thoughtfully made simple and easy to retain on one’s mind.

Brand System
I am also working on some other proposals; logo and brand identity concept for the Ghana Golf Association, the Royal Golf Course, and the Asantehene Open Golf Tourney. I will update this page when completed.