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How to Reimagine Music through the Mind of an AI: Maai

Maai is a Los Angeles, California based startup, reimagining music through the mind of an A.I. that has situational awareness and unlimited musical renditions. Maai, as a software company, is on one mission to put AI in the hands of songwriters and producers. Visit Logo inspired by Duafe Adinkra symbol. Together with the maai team, I have had the experience of working collaboratively, for the first time, with a client on the InVision app. The app allows my client’s team to share their inspirations and vision for maai in real time, as well as garnering relevant and interesting visual elements from varied sources to the InVision app. This has enabled us to view and comment on boards the team had created and also on snippets of the logo design thought processes I add to specific boards.

Comments on visual/mood boards ranging from Maai team’s earlier fond memories growing up with futuristic thoughts and imageries that seem to resonate with what they seek to achieve with Maai, through to their earlier narratives of what Maai should mean to the world, especially, their target audience (songwriters and producers).
Then one story from one of the cofounders got all of our attention. It was Lenny’s description of a wall art in his room, "From what I know it is a part of a multi artist exhibition in Paris, 1974, the theme was the future, and it was put together by “FNAC”, a big electricity chain in France. My Mother picked it up in Paris in ‘74. It was hanged on the wall in my room, since I was born 1978. I always loved it. I particularly love the melding of futuristic thought, and very “human” very primitive, almost caveman like imagery."
The idea was to combined the cofounders insights, as shared above, with an indigenous African design system. Together with the team we agreed on the West African (Ghanaian) “Duafe” Adinkra symbol.

Below are snippets from the InVision app. My working process has changed so much since my new experience with the maai team, as my first client of non-African descent. From the Maai website, the audio narrative below also inspired my thought process. I played it as I worked on the sketches and looking at the moodboard we have created on the InVision app.
"Imagine hearing your favourite song performed and reinterpreted with endless variations. Maai lives in a world where music lives and breathes. Through cutting-edge machine learning technique, we are creating an A.I. that is both musical and has situational awareness measured in heartbeats through the scores in time. All perfectly calibrated to a soundtrack for life. Through Maai, a new Eco-System is born. From the DOT.maai file to the ambient app. The listener is cast as the central point of their own musical force. Artists and producers will discover new musical possibilities, like painters discover new pallets and textures. Except these musical works will never be limited to one rendition ever again."
And finally, the narrative below, from a Maai YouTube video also informed the final solution I have created for the Maai brand.

"Maai, an LA based startup, co-produced an audiovisual performance with Synced bringing musical AI center stage. For the team at Maai, it was an unveiling of technology they had worked on for over a year. The show, titled “Journey Into The Mind of a Machine,” coupled with an animated experience that visualized just how Maai's Creative Mind thinks.
The music was inspired by a Max Richter piece and used by Maai's CPO, Lenny Ben Basat as the basic to create his original score. Lenny's creative process was very much augmented by using Creative Mind as his chief collaboration tool. In addition, the same AI performed live alongside its human counterparts. It was assigned the piano and rehearsed by adjusting it playing to much the dynamic of its bandmates. It also created solo variations in real-time. This combination of the rehearsed and the unexpected is the core of Maai's vision for the future of music. Maai is developing a new media format that will go beyond the raster state of MP3 or Wave giving music a live feel where anything is possible.

With the ability to improvise on melody, a song is given dynamic range that will render a unique mix for that exact moment in time. Behind this ground-breaking technology is a team of AI researchers from the US, Israel and China all passionate about the beauty and complexity of music, the grace in design and the creative potential of intelligent machines. This is Maai."